Education and Advocacy

We invite women and gender-diverse people to engage in a high-quality, accessible, and timely model of program and service delivery to ensure every person experiences opportunities for change.

EFryNB aspires to change the dialogue and achieve a shift in the public perception of crime and criminalization. We believe a deeper understanding of the social issues affecting individuals that may lead to criminalization will change the minds of community voices; this, in turn, will mobilize our community to affect change.

We hope to raise awareness of the implications of incarceration and the long-term effects of institutionalization and bring forward alternatives to custodial sentences. On a systemic level, EFryNB advocates for change in public policy and public perception. We advocate for a fair and constructive environment for women and gender-diverse people who are incarcerated, and we aim to clear the path for women attempting to leave the criminal justice system behind them.

Public Awareness


We offer public gatherings to deepen understanding of the systemic issues that draw women into the justice system. We reach out to our communities to help change the dialogue about effective solutions.
Special Events

Please contact us to discuss presentations at your agency or school.

Education and Employment

Free To Work

Free to Work is a pilot project during which EFryNB will prepare, place and provide ongoing holistic support to women / gender diverse people with criminal records as they pursue employment. Candidates will be provided with ongoing education to further develop their skills working toward achieving sustainable employment and valuable employees. Support will be provided to employers to further facilitate success and change employer perception of hiring workers with a criminal record.

EFry offers two opportunities for financial support for women and gender-diverse people who may be criminalized to realize their education and employment goals:
The Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies (CAEFS) distributes a Memorial Bursary.
EFry Endowment Fund offers annual assistance to individuals in the Greater Saint John area wishing to further their education to find employment.

Prison Work


Outreach at NBWCC and Nova Institution for Women.
Nova Advocacy

Toll-free calls from NBWCC or Nova.

The Atlantic Regional Advocacy Team is part of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies (CAEFS) five advocacy teams that work to identify, flag and address any systemic issues regarding conditions of confinement for women and gender-diverse people incarcerated in Canada’s federal prisons.

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